Teaching Philosphy

Offering voice lessons in person in the Philadelphia area or online via Zoom!

Having been teaching private students for over six years, I am prepared to help everyone no matter where they are in their musical journey. My goal is to inspire future artists just as my mentors have done for me by helping you discover your own individual artistry. I truly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching voice and that is why I create a customized learning environment for every one of my students. Whether you are a professional musician or music hobbyist, I can help you achieve whatever musical goals you would like to pursue. Lessons can focus on anything from:


  • Vocal Technique

  • Songwriting and Composition

  • Improvisation & Vocal Jazz 101

  • Ear Training & Theory

  • Any musical goal you have!


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Student Experiences

"Lora is everything I could ask for in a teacher. She’s incredibly supportive, makes me feel completely comfortable, and has helped me to think about aspects of singing I hadn’t considered before. She’s knowledgeable about technique, theory, and various styles of jazz and what sort of sound they require. And she makes her knowledge accessible by teaching intelligently and patiently. I come away with seeds of valuable information every lesson, feeling empowered to keep working on the concepts we discuss. There are a lot of aspects in working on creating music. Lora has the gift of getting to the essence of things, and she gives exactly the right kind and the right amount of feedback to work with. My favorite thing about Lora is that even if we are talking about something technical, or I’m struggling through something in our lessons, she’s always a reminder of the joy and fun there is in singing jazz and the kind of performer I hope to become."

Celeste Alcalay | New England Conservatory of Music Jazz Prep Program Alumna

"Lora is very knowledgeable and qualified. Not only this, she is incredibly kind and makes lessons fun in a way that makes you comfortable to explore all ranges and colors of your voice."

Elianna Paninos | University of Wyoming Alumna | Vocalist for 10 Cent Stranger

"I have greatly enjoyed my time working with Lora. I have been impressed by the creativity with which she teaches, which keeps the lessons challenging and interesting. I also cannot stress enough how much I appreciate her ability to provide just the right amount of support. I feel as if I am growing as a musician and have the tools I need to independently practice/perform."

Bella Pope | University of Wyoming Alumna

"Lora is one of my favorite instructors because when you ask her why she assigns a certain thing there is always an answer and it is never “because I said so”. She always takes the time to explain exercises and how they will help the student improve."

Grace Stanley | University of Wyoming Music Alumna

"I really enjoy my voice lessons with Lora. I've been taking lessons for only a short time and have learned so much. She is very supportive and enthusiastic and her passion for what she does shows in her teaching. I look forward to my lesson every week!"

Beth Davis

Educator Testimonials

"Lora embodies an approach to education every artist should have. She is very well adapted to collaboration and performing in a variety of settings. I would trust her with the music education of my own daughter."

Dr. Tiger Robison | University of Wyoming | Assistant Professor of Music Education

"Lora’s understanding of the instrument has taken her very far in terms of vocal ability as well as within the professional world of teaching. I have seen her students, and her ability to connect with students professionally while making them feel comfortable, and develop a very organized and specific lesson for each student is astounding. She continues to grow herself, and that’s an important trait to have as a teacher."

Larry Shaw | St. Helena Incarnation | Music Teacher

"Lora is a positive force in the music community. Her knowledge of various genres allows her to teach from the perspective of a trained and active performer. She consistently seeks ways to modify musical material so that it's accessible to students of varying abilities."

Meghan Goodner | Whiting High School | Music Teacher